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I liked it… So I put a ring on it…

There’s a girl… she stole my heart. We had been dating for a year and 9 months… I live in Florida, She lives in Tennessee. Long distance is hard but I had my eye on the prize. If you have been or know someone in a long distance relationship you know that its not easy and its not made for everyone. Sometimes you will go months without seeing your other half and when you are reunited you begin to feel comfortable once again only to have it ripped away from you shortly after your trip to see one another. I knew that I wanted to Marry Natalie and I knew I wanted the proposal to be a surprise, exciting, and meaningful to our relationship. I discussed my thoughts with some friends of mine and we came up with the perfect plan. The Airport. The airport has a ton of significance to our relationship. We have had Happy moments and sad moments at the airport. When you are 12 hours away from one another flying is pretty much the only choice to see each other. With work and family its always hard to find time to get away to be together but is so worth it for just even a weekend of being “normal” … just to go to dinner and a movie together… its times you take for granted if you are in the same place. Needless to say, this process gets old and frustrating. I have prayed for years for my future wife. I prayed she would be a compassionate, loving, God-Fearing woman… My prayers have been answered and I’m incredibly blessed to have her in my life. This was one of the most nerve-racking times in my life! I decided to do the proposal at the Jacksonville Airport right as she got off the plane. I knew I wanted to share this moment with my family, who was there, and also Natalie’s family and friends in Tennessee. So, I hired the best in the business… Gator Bride Videography, and I will never regret that decision. They were able to capture the sweetest moments that we can cherish for years to come. Kyle & Kimberly… You guys are amazing and are incredibly good at what you do! If you haven’t heard yet, Gator Bride and MattWhytsell Photography have teamed up to offer a package together… its an awesome deal! Also, my awesome Brother in Law and Second Shooter James was there to capture the engagement proposal story. Thanks James!

Check out our proposal story captured by Gator Bride:

I am incredibly blessed with amazing friends… My friends planned an awesome surprise engagement party and we

loved celebrating with them in Jacksonville! Thanks everyone! We appreciate it so much! Below are some quick pics we took at the party!

Joshua Bane - Awesome job with the video! Congrats!

Kimberly - Just realized that you and Natalie coordinated! It was meant to be! lol.

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